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About us

About Ricky's

Founded in 1981 by Mr. Suthep Ghogar (Ricky) on Bangkok’s famous Sukhumvit Road, Ricky’s has been a leading bespoke fashion house in Thailand’s well known tailoring industry. Ricky and his team of tailors and cutters have presided the business ever since its inauguration three decades ago, testifying to the team’s commitment to its endeavours. The studio’s hallmark is its ledger books of more than 15,000 patrons worldwide -a testament to the company’s intriguing customer history.
Ricky’s is wholly owned by its long standing Director who holds not only his passion for the company’s proud heritage, but also one who lives his long held ethos of precise and elegant mens’ clothing.



At Ricky’s Fashion House, you will be offered a wide array of over 3000 high quality fabrics from the finest Ermenegildo Zegna, Hermes, Dormuel etc. for suits, Egyptian and Japanese cottons for shirts, Harris and Marzoni tweed sports blazer, Cashmere overcoats etc. Our collection is instantly recognized by our clients from its functionality, luxury, durability and comfort.


With our world class fabrics, you will be able to pick out any style exactly how you want it to be from the choice of fabrics, collar, cuff, number/ position of your buttons, linings, monograms and any other specific detail you want. Moreover, we have experts that will guide you through each process with recommendations in what style will suit your physique.


With over 30 measurements, multiple fittings, hours of consultation and careful construction, the fit that you will get at Ricky’s is immaculate. We ensure that the type of suit, shirt or any of our clothing will shape and flatter your physique. From the length to the width, we alter your clothes in a way that will hide any imperfections(if you have) on your body.
For example: if one side of your shoulder is lower than the other, we ensure that this can be adjusted so that your silhouette looks perfect and makes you feel confident.


From the moment you walk in Ricky’s Fashion House, we make sure that you get an individualized experience, the kind that makes you feel special. Mr. Ricky’s passion for making high quality bespoke tailor-made clothes comes with a powerful intangible asset. Our tailors assemble each and every detail you desire. Moreover, we provide honest feedback on what will look good on you as our aim is to create a personalized experience with choices and customizations truly unique for you. We don’t just want to make something for you. We want to build a personal relationship with you.


Our store is located at the heart of Bangkok in Sukhumvit’s Nana, near some of the best restaurants and hotels. We are just a few minutes away from Skytrain (BTS NANA Exit Number 1) by walk. You can always contact us for further assistance regarding direction to our store.


We offer powerful after sales service as we keep your records for a life time. You will be able to order any of your favorite fabrics as we mail you samples, allowing you to not only see the color but also feel the cloth and from that, purchase your desired product. Moreover, we also offer alteration services incase there is a change in your physique.