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Measurements & Fitting

After you have picked out your fabric and style, no matter how nice the cloth is in terms of quality, colour or texture, if it does not fit the client, everything falls apart. This is where a true bespoke tailor stands out from off the rack. At Ricky’s, we will take over 20 measurements and note each and every single detail of your physique and your demands. For example, if you have square or sloping shoulders, these minor details and all the little nuances is one of the ways where bespoke tailoring truly differs. We will also ask you whether you would like a Loose, regular, slim or extra slim fit suit that you prefer.

To make a truly beautiful bespoke tailor-made suit that is specially made for you is done during your fitting. We arrange fittings according to your schedule but we insist on at least 1 fitting. We prefer to have multiple fittings and making sure before you leave this shop, you are happy with your suit. During your fittings we will take all your demands into account. Not only do we note what you want, we show you exactly to be sure. For example, the length of the jacket, how short or long you want it and so on, how slim or lose you want your jacket to be, the length of the sleeves whether you want to show the sleeves of the shirt when you wear your jacket half an inch or more and so on. During this period of time, the tailor takes notes of your stance, posture, your back and anything that catches their eye. From here we create a pattern that is specially made just for you.

Before you leave Ricky’s, your bespoke suit will commend your physique and you will feel a sense of confidence and prominence that lifts up your personality. However, a perfectly tailored suit requires your time and effort. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.