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Shirt Styles

We pride ourselves in offering contemporary styles and have a wide range of customization options, whether you are looking for something more conservative & professional or a casual look to pair with your jeans, shorts or chinos.

  • Collar: From a regular classic collar to a mandarin collar, the choice is all yours. Moreover youcan also decide on the width of the collar, stiffness and whether you want a different contrasting color of the interior or exterior of the collar. (seen in the pictures).
  • Cuff: The two most common in cuffs is a button or cufflink. We also offer a convertible cuff for those that want to put both cufflinks and buttons. In addition, if you want to have a different color inside or outside the cuff to make your shirt stand out a bit more is also optional.
  • Front: On the front of your dress shirt, you can choose plain buttons, with or without a placket on the center front of your shirt or even hidden buttons. Moreover, you can have a different color running down the middle of your shirt or outside on the placket. (As seen in the picture).
  • Pocket: For people that like slim cut, a dress shirt without a pocket is what people normally go for but for people who prefer a pocket, we can do either a classic or any additional pocket style you like.
  • Button: This small fastener that keeps your shirt together can change your whole look. With not only a different color of the button but also the button hole and stitching can make your dress shirt standout in a classy way.
  • Monogram: To have your own personalized initials on your very own customized dress shirt can be polished, classy and sharp for those who like. We have any color initial you like, whether its discrete or flashy, you name it. The position of the initials is mainly on the cuffs but if you like it on the chest, waist or any other particular position you like, we can do it.

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