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Suits, Blazers & Trousers Styles

We pride ourselves in offering contemporary styles. Whether it is an office suits formal tuxedo or sports blazer,  we have a wide range of customization options to suit your needs.

  • Two or Three piece suit
    Two piece consists of only jacket and trouser but some people like to put a waistcoat on it, making it a 3-piece suit. What do you prefer?
  • Single breasted / Double breasted
    Pick any style you like from the most common and trendy single breasted to an overlapping front flaps with two symmetrical columns in double breasted.
  • Buttons
    You will be able to customize on the position, number or color of our corozo and horn high-quality buttons on the front or sleeves of the jacket. Customizing your own button into your preference can change the whole look of the jacket.
  • Lapel
    From the width, size, stitching or even different color button hole of the lapel, you can choose any type of lapel that truly fits you between notch, peaked or shawl.
  • Pocket
    Check out different types of pocket that can be done on your jacket from a standard and professional to a more sportive look.
  • Vents
    Single or Double vent? The choice is yours.
  • Belt loops or Side tabs – The most classic belt loops normally worn with a belt or side tabs where you can adjust how tight or loose you want it at the sides.
  • Pleat or no pleat – From a more modern and slim cut with no pleats to a traditional and more comfortable cut with 1 or 2 pleats, making it more generous in the middle
  • Lining or no lining – Normally we would prefer to put at least a half lining, from the front of the waistband to above the knee. We ensure it drapes nicely and is comfortable but incase you have a special request of no lining, we are all ears to listen to your demands
  • Cuffs or no cuffs – At the hem, what is standard and the most common is no cuffs but we also offer the option of cuffs for those who prefer this type.
  • Break – The length of the trousers can change the whole look. Normally people take a slight half or quarter break but a full or no break option is available for those in need.


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