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At Ricky’s, we produce clothing to your specifications during the fitting process. 

Our tailors work to your schedule and while we insist on at least one fitting, we prefer to have multiple for optimal results.

We will guide you through the process and help with styling decisions. Our tailor notes your stance, posture to create a profile that is specific to you.

Before you leave Ricky’s, your bespoke clothes will commend your physique and ensure confidence.

Contact us now for a free consultation.

After Sales

Once you have completed your first purchase at Ricky’s, we create a profile for you and retain your measurements on record.

If you ever want to make an order, we can mail you samples of our latest fabrics or you can have a look at the website and ship it down to you. We use a private courier company that will deliver it to you right at your doorstep. 

Moreover, we also offer alteration services where if ever in the future your physique has changed, we can alter your clothes depending on the changes of your size.

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