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Protect yourself from the cold with some of our different pure cashmere and Angora cashmere wool blends, resulting in a soft and smooth texture. The fabric has remarkable insulation properties to keep you warm and yet comfortable. We stock some of the best mills from Italy and Scotland for overcoats in many different weights and colors. Our coats are meant for both men and women to be worn with or without your suits and pullovers.

  • Single or Double Breasted: A more classic and versatile that pairs well with a suit would be a single breasted but if you prefer a double breasted, it can be a real iconic collection.
  • Buttons: A typical modern 3 button overcoat but the number, colour and position of buttons of your choice is something we can reproduce for you.
  • Lapel: Same like suits, we offer mainly peaked and notch lapel for coats. You will be able to customize the size and style into your own very preference.
  • Pocket: Mainly there are two main outer pockets with 3 basic interior pockets but the position and style can change your style of wearing the overcoat.
  • Vents: We would normally recommend a single vent at the back of your overcoat but what you truly prefer between Single, double or no vent is the end call.

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